The operating capacity of the machinery and equipment industry improve


according to statistics, the number of data show found that three quarters of listed companies in the machinery industry is still bottoming. 21.28% gross margin on sales of the three quarters of timekeeping, not only lower than reported in 21.53%, also lower than last year's 21.79%; year on year revenue growth, three quarters of timekeeping -5.18% compared with -4.79% in timekeeping continue to decline. Sub-industry perspective, the the five the SYWG two sub industry, the net profit growth rate is lower than reported in electrical equipment, instrumentation, special equipment, such as 3, which declined the most powerful instrumentation, quoted from the net profit year on year growth fell 17.18% to -1.27%. Only metal products, the net profit growth compared with the two secondary general machinery industry in timekeeping improved, but also the Axial FAN MOTOR decline is reduced, the former reported from -59.79% to -46.36%, the latter fell by -23.41% weak narrowed to -22.10%. Founder Securities [4.10 0.74% shares it research report] machinery industry senior analyst Peng people think this show steady growth initiatives gradually force, the economy stabilized bring demand rebounded conduction time to the machinery and equipment industry needs.

Now, most of the performance of the company is still not significantly improved, demand warmer conduction to the whole machinery industry will take six months time, the expected industry in order to see the improvement in sales before and after April 2013. However, reflect some important indicators of the operational capabilities, it can be seen that the operating conditions of the machinery and equipment industry is improving.

The data show that the entire inventory turnover rate of the machinery and equipment industry (overall method) is continuously improve timekeeping only 1.2306, and to 1.7986 times the three quarterly, have been much closer to 1.9938 times in the last three shaded pole motor quarterly. Accounts receivable turnover ratio (overall), compared to the three quarterly timekeeping is also greatly improved, three quarterly 2.1305 times timekeeping only 1.4698 times, also began to move closer to the last three quarterly 2.7445 times. Among these, all five secondary industry inventory turnover rate accelerated, the most obvious is the instrumentation, quoted from 1.1951 to 1.8675 times of three quarterly speed up nearly 60%, the inventory turnover rate of the other sub-sectors were also accelerate about a 40% -50%. Accounts receivable turnover ratio, the most remarkable improvement is also instrumentation. General machinery inventory turnover rate, improve the situation of the accounts receivable turnover ratio ranks at the end, shows that the demand has picked up sales improvement is indeed more to take a long time.