China's machinery enterprises total profit growth picked up in January 2012 1-7


2012 has passed more than half in the Axial FAN MOTOR machinery industry sales growth continued to fall, and the rate of decline and continued times more than originally expected, the national machinery industries run July remained basically stable trend.

Statistics show that 1 to July national machinery industry production, sales growth over the first half fell slightly, most industries are maintained double-digit growth in addition to engineering machinery, internal combustion engine industry, 64.17% year-on-year growth in shaded pole motor the output of major products . At the same time, industries and enterprises in the production and management situation is basically stable, the first half of the national total assets of industrial enterprises in machinery contribution rate of 13.55% from the previous month (13.13%), an increase of 0.42 percentage points, the main business income margin was 6.33% , from the previous month (6.23%), an increase of 0.1 percentage points; assets and liabilities was 57.37% from the previous month (57.38%), a decrease of 0.01 percentage points; mobile asset turnover was 2.02 times, last month increased by 0.05 times (1.97 times) .