Industrial robots can replace the more expensive labor


Industrial robots can replace the more expensive labor, and enhance work efficiency and product quality. It is understood that the the Foxconn robot shaded pole motor can undertake the task of the production line assembly of precision parts, replace manual work in the poor working environment of the spraying, welding, assembly, manufacture of molds, and combination with CNC ultra-precision iron beds and other machine tools to improve production efficiency, replace part of the non-skilled workers.


It can be said, the use of industrial Axial FAN MOTOR robots can reduce the rejection rate and product costs, improved machine utilization, and reduce the risk of workers misuse the defective parts, the series of its effectiveness is also very obvious, such as reducing the artificial consumption, reduce machine wear and tear, and to accelerate the speed of technological innovation, improve enterprise competitiveness. The robot has to perform various tasks, especially high-risk tasks, the MTBF of 60,000 hours or more, more advanced than traditional automated process.