Analysis of development proposals in the 2012 construction machinery enterprises in China


May 25 to 26, 2012, compaction machinery industry in China high-level meeting held in Luoyang, Henan Province. The meeting analyzed the current road and railway construction and investment situation, notified in 2012 from January to April sales of construction machinery products.


Chinese Construction Machinery shaded pole motor Industry Association road Compaction Machinery Branch of the Secretary-General Wu Jing I pointed out in his speech that the 2011 highway construction funds in place of 1.064894 trillion yuan, compared with the investment amount, the funds rate was 84.5%. 2011 railway infrastructure investment contracted significantly, with only 461 billion yuan, down 34%. 1 April 2012, the transport sector investment in fixed assets of 285.79 billion yuan, a year-on-year (3015.1) a decrease of 5.2%. 2012 Ministry of Railways will coordinate arrangements for the investment in fixed assets of 500 billion yuan, of which 400 billion yuan of investment in infrastructure, new Axial FAN MOTOR line put into operation in 6366 km, with 2011 year-on-year there is further reduced. He said, from construction machinery products this year and April sales totaled situation, are more substantial decline, rollers, pavers decline of more than 50%, especially in the mechanical compactor sales decline of 56.6%; excavators, bulldozers, cranes sales fell 40 percent, the loader fell 26.3 percent.


He stressed that the road construction is expected in 2012 investment will be 1 trillion yuan. Total contraction of the situation, the pulling of the procurement of construction equipment is limited. Therefore, all enterprises in the industry should be based on the actual business, and constantly open up the market at the same time, internal to strengthen management, and worked hard, "Strength" saving efficiency, improve the quality of economic operation.


More than 30 well-known compaction machinery manufacturing enterprises from domestic and Wirtgen, Volvo and other overseas compacting machinery enterprises in China attended the meeting.