Construction machinery exports to the development of high-end intelligent


Customs statistics show that the first six months of this year, construction machinery exports of $ 9.007 billion, an increase of 35.94%; shaded pole motor export volume grew by 17.59 percent, export prices increased by 15.6%; construction machinery product exports, the volume and price significantly exceeded the corresponding mechanical and electrical products export average. In short, this year, construction machinery exports hit new high, the export volume and price soared, the situation is gratifying. The same period of construction machinery imports $ 3.306 billion, down 36.31 percent; import


volume fell 49 percent, import prices rose by 25.99%. Imports of construction Axial FAN MOTOR machinery products, showed a larger decline in the volume of imports, but also far more than the average import level of the mechanical and electrical products, large import price increases substantially beyond the level of imports of mechanical and electrical products, there has been obvious departure from the phenomenon of volume and price, the situation is worrying